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The Mosque of Omayyades

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I love all forms of architecture. But there is something so beautiful about ritual and spiritual architecture. A great example is the great Mosque of Damascus. Also known as the Mosque of Umayyad who was the principle builder of this mosque. Located in Syria this great design is under constant danger from the civil war that has been going on since 2011. One of the oldest and largest mosques in the world it is known as the 4th holiest place in Islam.

The Great Mosque of Damascus laid the foundation of a new architectural style based on ancient Syrian models and highlighted by Byzantine artists who created colorful mosaics that depict landscapes and mixing building styles with late Roman architecture.

The Mosque was built on what was already considered a holy site. Legend has it that the head of John the Baptist was buried here, who is a prophet to both Christians and Muslims. His shrine is located inside the Mosque to this day.

The dome of the treasury is also covered in mosaics. The treasury is located above ground to for security reasons as it was used to house the mosques most valuable items.

There is a minaret called the minaret of Jesus because it is believed that at the end of days this is where he will descend to battle the antichrist.

The mausoleum inside contains the tomb of the legendary Saladin, who was the first sultan of Egypt and Syria.

The Mosque has been destroyed in many sections over the years due to wars, conflicts and fires and has been restored each time. Made of stone,marble. Tiles and mosaics the Great Mosque of Damascus still serves as a model for congregational mosque architecture globally.

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