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This ain’t your grandma’s decor blog

This ain’t your grandma’s decor blog 

What’s the difference between design and decor? Who cares?! This blog is intended for everyone. Who cares where you live or how much you can afford. Design is everywhere and decor can be hoity toity and expensive as hell or you can create a fab look out the dollar store.  Since I have never had a lot of money I have learned how to make my tastes look expensive and unique by thinking outside the box. 

Design is meant to be fun and inviting, not pretentious. Couches should be sat in, not covered in plastic. A living room should be just that; A lived in space that your family can hang out in. Bedrooms should be an oasis from the world. Kitchens should be as interesting as the food that’s cooked in it. In short let’s make that house a home! 

How often do you walk into your home and wonder how you can make your budget stretch to get the look that you want? I will tackle everything from walls to floors to show you things you may never have thought of. Or you be thought about it but decided that you can’t afford it. Or you can afford it but not sure how to put everything together. Trust me I feel your pain. Even as a designer I feel like I never have the time or opportunity to get my home looking just right. Sometimes the weight of the world is on your shoulders and a new couch or table is the last thing you want to think about. But trust me. Believe me. Heed me please! Your home is a direct reflection of your internal space. What does that mean? Can you feel good about your environment if it’s cluttered? Or Dusty? Or disorganized? No! Clean up your space you clean up your mind and in turn clean up your aura, spirit, whatever you choose to call it. 

This is why design is important. And should be accessible to all. No matter your income level you DESERVE a well thought out, designed, decorated space. Everyone deserves color. That’s why rainbows can be seen in the sky by everyone. So grab a crayon, a pillow or an old live of wood. Whatever inspires you. And let’s design for your life. On your time. With your budget.  For your life.

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