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Umberto Boccioni

artist artwork futurism futurists sculpture Umberto Boccioni

Umberto Boccioni

Just the other day I was scrolling through instagram, lalalalalah,  and I came across the most dynamic sculpture. So I decided to research the artist. Umberto Boccioni. Forme uniche della continuità nello spazio(Unique Forms of Continuity in Space), in wax. Umbertos  goal for the work was to depict a "synthetic continuity" of motion, instead of an "analytical discontinuity". Umberto Boccioni was an Italian Futurist artist who , fun fact shares a birthday with me October 19th 1882 to August 17th 1917.  He was a very influential painter and sculptor. Like most Libras he had a critical and rebellious nature which would...

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