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My name is Zuedi Cocking and I am a single African American mother of two wonderful teenage boys. I have an extensive background in sales and a more recent and successful position as a manager. My passion however is in design.
I started crocheting as a teenager and I would make scarves and hats and bags for my friends and family. As I got older and better I started selling them. Though I have always been interested in art and design I studied architecture in high school and some in college. More and more, however, I realized that I really enjoyed interiors and textiles so when it was time to go back to school I changed my focus to Interior Design and received my Associates’ degree in the field.

Quite by accident I was playing with Photoshop one day after I graduated and was trying to decide what career path I wanted to take, and after manipulating the image, said “hey that would make a great rug!”. So I played with different images and realized that this was a talent that I wanted to explore to its full potential. I could go back to school and owe a ton of school loans, just to have to work for someone at an entry level, or I could figure out a way to take my cumulative knowledge, skills, and life experience parlay into a career in design.
On this website I can design and sell anything and everything. Rugs, furniture, unique and one of a kind pieces that are inspired by everything from social issues, to bouquets of flowers. Handmade bags and oversized doilies that can be put on a table, wall or floor.
I once visited Johnathan Adler’s studio as a student and I was so in love. I want that. My own space to create and promote other inspiring designers. A place that your grandmother can find something she loves and so can your uncle Joe the plumber. All designs for my rugs can be turned into silk scarves, wallpaper, fabric, wrapping paper, pillows, bedding, and the list goes on! 
I try to teach my sons to reach for their goals, work hard, persevere, and their dreams can be achieved. What better way to show them than to do it myself!
I sincerely hope that you enjoy my designs in your home and in your lifestyle. Home decor from walls to floors. And remember, Boring is boring!

Zuedi Cocking

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  • Margaret (your cousin) on

    Great work! Kudos!!!!

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