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What is that Velvet>?!

What is That? Velvet?!

Nothing says warmth and luxury quite like velvet. The smooth texture wants you to slide yourself sensually along the seams. Or maybe that’s just me. Whatever. 
On a serious note velvet is that fabric that can be considered seasonal but I think in the right color, on the right piece of furniture, velvet is like a perennial. Great all year round!

Velvet adds visual as well as tactile interests. Try pairing against a rugged or industrial interior for a dichotomy of experiences.

If you are a clutz like me try on smaller pieces to make sure you can maintain it. Though very nice to touch, stained velvet is like the kiss of death. Unless you can afford a cleaner to come to your home, get started with velvet throws or pillows. Mix and match with other fabrics and patterns to add dimension to your space. Smaller pieces like side chairs look awesome as well.

Velvet is very versatile. (Say that three times fast.) Don’t just limit yourself to furniture or pillows. Velvet is great as a drapery as well. The secret is to make sure you back it because too much sunshine washes out the color quickly. 

Transition between warm and cold weather, or traditional and modern design. An unconventional use of velvet is on the walls. In jewel tones you can add a depth and richness to any space big or small. I wouldn’t recommend in the bathroom, or kitchen though. Think odors and aromas living in your fabric. Gross right? Otherwise velvet on your walls looks amazing.

Velvet is definitely one of my favorite finishes. Bring a touch of opulence and luxury to anything. Furniture, wall coverings, bedheads drapery or home accessories. Jewel tones or pastels. Nothing is out of bounds. Give it a go!

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