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Let the Kid in you do the Decor

Remember when you were little and the best part of the dentist visit was the sticker you would get after? I loved anything comic book related. Then you would go home and get yelled at because the stickers would be all over the walls? No? Oh maybe that was just me lol. It’s no wonder,then, that I find wall decals to be so much fun.

 If you are looking for a cool way to update your walls, without the hassle of paining, try one of these awesome decal companies and explore some ideas. I am going to share with you some of my favorites. has a Thaanksgiving sale right now if you guys are expecting company this holiday season, and want to spruce up the place a bit. 

They have all these great designs like Dr. Seuss and this more sophisticated one of this  beautifully haunted looking tree.

Decals can look really cheap however just because they are inexpensive doesn’t mean they won’t look great.  You can decal entire walls. Just a specific focal point in a room, furniture, even floors! The possibilities are endless. 

Many companies like Trendy Wall Designs are offering huge discounts for the holiday season. Decorate any space inexpensively according to your tastes without the mess of paint or glue. Plus they are stick and peel so you can change your wall design as many times as you want.  Prices can be anywhere from  $10 on up depending on size and originality. Most companies like Dali Decals will offer free shipping and custom orders so you can really personalize your space. 

Decals can be elegant, quirky, fun, and/or bold. What does your wall say about you? Don’t be afraid to reflect your personality. Or personalities! Keep up with design trends and change often to keep em guessing.

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